Friday 17 February 2017

One down, Two More to Go!

They were both boisterous and happy. For a change, she had laughed freely, loosened herself up and danced with him with joy at the bar. Her eyes had danced and shone with pleasure and there was a twinkle in them, when she had hinted to him that tonight she might want to make love to him. It felt good; to finally have her desire sex since that unfortunate night when her boss had violated her.

They reached home and she put on some unknown symphony; as she always did. She had always been an enigma for him in last 5 years of their marriage. With hurried movements, she fumbled with his clothes as the overture played and he kissed her eagerly. It felt soooo good! To have her old self back.

He was glad she had the sense to not file the case on her boss. He and his father-in-law had counseled her a lot. Her father was a sensible man. It would have been a futile and an endless journey to get into legalities without much of a proof. Also, they wouldn’t have then got the huge settlement that asshole of her boss had offered outside the court. Thanks only to their lawyer who could manage to crack this deal. 

He was distracted and his thoughts returned to the urgency of her desire.The opening sonata led to a slow and melodious adagio, he kissed her gently, and with passion. Their lips were touching each other after months and she almost seemed shy as he entered her. He found the movement slow and soothing and soon found a rhythm as the symphony moved on to a medium – paced minuet.

 He could see her inner beast grinning as she whispered in his ear, “let me” and turned to her side with him still insider her. Before he realized, she was on top of him and with her hands behind her back, she rose up to ride him revealing her inner cowgirl. This was going to be fun!

As the minuet rose in tempo, she rode him with passion and raw desire. He grabbed her hair and yanked her till her back arched, thrusting her breasts out. He tried to rise. They looked so delicious. He wanted a bite. She pushed him back and laughed in her signature laugh again. Her eyes were shining and she rode him faster, taking him to the hilt in her core. He felt his desire swell up to its peak.

As the concluding sonata started and the music grew loud in the room, he made a mental note to ask her to turn down the volume next time. As the tempo increased, his orgasm rose within him. He groaned and grabbed her breasts in a deeper primal need. They’d be bruised tomorrow. His lips crushing hers, he came inside her in spurts. As he flopped on the bed, he tried to cuddle her, but her inner beast was not yet satiated. She continued riding him while he lay with a content smile and his eyes closed until…

..A sudden STAB hit his chest and before he knew anything, she stabbed him five times in sync with the crescendo of the loud music. His eyes wide in shock, he collapsed with her sitting on top of him, a knife soaked with his blood in her hands, her eyes fuming with rage, her long, dark tresses wild in fury. He died with a vision of Kali in his eyes. Just as she came and tossed herself off him, to his side, the symphony ended with a loud clang of cymbals!

Spineless bastards! One down, two more to go.”, she hissed. 

© Asmi Uniqus 2016
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  1. Beautifully articulated and a gripping read

  2. Replies
    1. Excellent and very apt usage of diction to describe the feelings to evoke vicarious feelings

  3. 1.What exactly does "..settlement that asshole of her boss had offered..." mean? Does it mean another character? Or is it just a typo for 'asshole boss of her' ?

    2. Two more to go- who are remaining two? The father and the boss? Or the lawyer?

    3. Fantastic writing. Wasn't expecting the twist :)

    1. nope, same character. Language edit required, thanks for pointing it out :)

      Well, that's for you to read followups and figure out :)

      Thanks :)

    2. Great! I will wait for the sequel. Not sure why I feel this but I think you are gonna end up killing some other character.

  4. such a nice profile,, so much deep knowledge of BDSM

  5. lovely and interesting .. with shades of Catherine Tramell