Wednesday 25 July 2018

Who is Asmi

Some of you have read a bit about me here and there. Others have asked me questions. Some others have given me enough attention and have tried to read my work, my posts and figure out a bit about me. So, I have finally decided to come out to an extent and write this short post. I will try and answer some of the common questions that readers and acquaintances or or new BDSM enthusiasts tend to ask me.

1. Am I a woman?

Yes, I am a biological woman, who is very happy to identify as one. In that sense I am not queer. That said, I have experimented with my bisexuality, so technically that makes me queer. My preference is for my heterosexuality and I am naturally attracted to men. That said, if I do meet very interesting women, women who are capable and experienced Dominants in their behaviour, practice and meet all other parameters emotionally, intellectually, ethically, socially etc. I may consider them as potential partners.

2. Am I single?

Yes, I have never been married. I am a polyamorous person and I identify as what is commonly called as solo-poly. Which means an individual who does not practice polyamory as a couple, but as an independent individual. This means that at a given point, I may or may not have a partner with whom I am romantically attached.

3. Am I looking?

At this moment, I am not actively looking. I am happy to meet people and if I really like someone, I am not shy in telling them. However, like every one else, I am also selective about who I share my intimacy, emotional and sexual energy with. At this moment, my work, my projects and my writing take a priority. This priority is superseded by only my health or my immediate family.

That said, I am not close to the idea of a mature person and their companionship, where I feel that both of us will be able to support each other’s growth as individuals and partners.

4. Am I a professional Dominatrix or a professional Submissive?

No. My bills are paid through very mainstream writing. I write business content for corporate houses, NGOs, CXOs and marketing / digital agencies. I also help startups with content and communications strategy. Due to my previous work experience in operations, I sometimes do consult smaller businesses or coach individuals on how to streamline their business or professional performance.

I do coach people on the deeper aspects of BDSM on the side, where I accept students / mentees extremely selectively. I do charge for my time, but the objective is simply to make trainees take the curriculum seriously, because I take a lot of time to structure personalized, customized courses.

5.  Do I meet people?

Yes, very happily. I am generally very happy to meet new people and see what value can we drive in the world together. I meet people through all sorts of online and offline platforms. That said, I do respect some social and ethical boundaries that I have designed for myself over 12 years of social and intimate interactions with people. Like all of you, I do not like drama in my life and so I do tend to block a lot of people too. It doesn’t make me very happy but I do it when required.

6. Am I a bitch / slut / whore / yada yada?

The fact that I wrote this question here and chose not to dignify it with an answer, is response enough 😊

Happy reading and do share your thoughts,

© Asmi Uniqus 2018