Asmi is an active BDSM practitioner and lifestyle coach based in India. 

She has been a lifestyle submissive for over 10 years now and is very vocal about her lifestyle choices. She believes in self–empowerment through empowerment of others; has a wide experience of writing both poetry and prose around themes of feminism, LGBT, sexuality and erotica. 

She has also been very active in several real-world BDSM communities and has close connections with a wide spectrum of other practitioners both in India and globally. 

She is the author of a series of simplified guides to various aspects of BDSM.  She has also been quoted by Femina and the DNA. She contributes for multiple other platforms like Love Treats, TARSHI, Gaysi and others.Those published are listed on the Books section of this site. 

She can be reached on Facebook or via Email at:


  1. HI ASMI, I read your blogs and i find it quite interesting. I can see that you are a writer and very creative in your style. Keep it up. can we discuss or meet if you like.i am from delhi. my age is 30 and i really liked the way you describe all feelings.