Thursday 23 June 2016

Interaction 1- A 24 M Master

Interaction Type: Approaching as a partner.

Profile Details: 24, orgy pictures as profile pictures

Lifestyle role: Master

Activity level: 24/7

Profile description:  heavy, Indian, cruel Master, looking for subs to scene with

Profile analysis:  all kinks listed are very extreme, unlikely for a 24 years old to have practiced in India. Kinks like breeding, emotional breaking, needle play, rape with no limits, sounds very risky for a young one to practice. Most likely, someone who has been enamored by kinky porn clips and 50 shades of grey but doesn’t know the sane options that they have.

Subject line – greetings


Very intrested in you..hope to hear the same from u..

Asmi_ 31F
young one, please read my profile.

ABC 24M 
Hii asmi..thnks for the reply..i read ur profile twice..& now i think its very easy to undersrtand u but very hard to work with you..i m not lier ,& i believe in strategic and meaningful partnerships than casual encounters..yes i m young( only physical ).that doesn't mean i m immature ..i can control or command situation better than a Normal mature man..i m well educating & master in all subjects.i m physical therapy student ,i love this lifestlye & wants to talk more about deep thoughts ,feelings & loyal to my play partners.i m learning new things & dominated a white girl 2 months before ..i m looking for a mature submissive women.not only to scene with to share inned feelings ,during my bdsm sessions ..not only two body gets intimate ..soul too...they talked togeter & pleasure eachothers .& i m promising i m much bettr than u expect..thnk u..

Asmi_ 31F

Thanks for the long explanatory email.
I'm sure you're a good Dominant and an awesome person and that your age is not a reflection on your maturity, but my preference on age is simply that, an 'important' preference. I must refuse.
All said and done, I am not looking for scene partners. Nor am I looking for someone who's 8 years younger to me. I am very very clear on what kind of a person I want and for what sort of dynamic.
That said, I personally feel that 24 is a very young age to call oneself a Master, but then I have seen Masters who hesitate in using that title even with more than 2 decades of experience. So perhaps our learning differs.
On the note of a suggestion, I think you should work more on your communication skills and continue striving to be a good Dominant, so that at some point you can find your ideal match.
I wish you well in your search.

ABC 24M 
I don't think india its impossible to find an ideal match.thnks alot for your suggestion .i will consider it ..& i think no one is perfect in this world.
According to u ..that you have seen Masters hesitate in using that title even with more than 2 decades of experience ..may be true becoz they learned about this lifestlye with passing years but i feel myself  ,unique,,different & better than the perfection becoz i born with dominant qualities..or as dominant man..

Not always


A lot of people think that for a submissive the right response is 'yes Sir'. No it isn't. Specially not when someone overlooks your preference, your personality and cannot accept a 'no' for a 'no'.

Message Analysis and thought process behind it
A 24 something calling themselves a Master or a Mistress is an insult to a lot of senior and seasoned Dominants and Masters out there, who have been honored by their titles by the community on local as well as International levels. Most of them never use their titles and are extremely humble.
Too many ….s, too many grammar, typo, SMS lingo errors. I do understand that a lot of people don’t care about grammar, but I do and my profile makes it very clear.
Similarly, too much focus on sessions and play rather than a conceptual understanding. Especially when my profile clearly mentions I’m a BDSM author and am no longer into casual scening.
A mention of a white girl sounds like someone is trying to show as if being with an interracial partner is some sort of badge of honor. Elitist wannabe behavior is my term for it, at the risk of sounding judgmental.
Too much defense and apology for age. Someone who doesn’t care about age, shouldn’t have to defend it in the first place.

That said, keeping my personal judgments about an aspiring play – partner aside, I really mean what I say. I realize that a lot of people, specially youngsters, if not judged too harsh and advised with a calm demeanor and in a gentle way, could be amazing co-travellers in the BDSM lifestyle, even though they will travel with their partners and not me.

I wish this young man good luck and lots of learning on his journey.

© Asmi Uniqus 2016

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