Tuesday 2 May 2017

Is it all fiction or do you really practice BDSM?

So, one of the most common questions that I am addressing these days is - Is it all fiction? Do you really practice BDSM or are you just writing about it ? How is it that in India you can practice BDSM? How did you manage to find a partner? What did you do with them?

I am going to try answering some of these questions. Others, I won't for reasons of privacy of other people, but some of these questions are very pertinent and need to be talked about and discussed.

So The Main Question - Is it all fiction, the stuff you write about BDSM?

No, I do not write pure fiction. Sure my style is that of a story teller because I have to protect people's identities, including my own. However, does that mean, I am narrating erotica? Well, no.

A similar question my father asked me was - the books you've written, are they based on your experiences or on research? My response was - both. It was given in a serious tone, because it was dad I was speaking to. Thankfully also, he didn't probe into details. 

However, I'm sure you realize on this basis, how serious I am about what message I send out in this universe because I know I will reap the same. I write authentic, I get to read authentic :)

With that, my only wish is that I find it in me to continue on my own path for self-awareness, growth, submission, strength and may everyone find their path too :)

Till the next time, stay well and play safe!

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  1. I really like the way you write..it's not about only sharing experiences or putting real stories together...it's about the sincerity towards readers, show them reality not fake and most importantly concern towards your readers which is quite visible in your writeups..your write up is the mirror of your personality...i believe you are an excellent writer not in Bdsm but in other subject though I have not read anything else...keep it up your passion :-) Saransh