Thursday 7 December 2017

Myth Buster 3 - BDSM is all about toys and props


Unlike the common misconception projected by the infamous movies, books and the horde of porn available online, BDSM is NOT about props and toys.Most people think that BDSM cannot be practiced in India because toys and props are not available and hence it is impossible for people to practise BDSM in India.

This calls for the busting of multiple myths. First being that BDSM is all about toys. No, it's not. BDSM is about the mindset that you bring to the relationship and the dynamics you share with your partner. It is about bondage, irrespective of what you tie the other person with, as long as you do not damage them.

It is irrelevant whether your bonds are those of satin ribbons or those of jute ropes. In fact, it shouldn't be surprising to discover that the most intense bonds are those of the mind and the heart. The bonds of the D/s mindset and the word that drives the bond between two people.

Same applies for implements of pain, Even if one is not an emotional sadist or a emotional pain slut, it is very much possible to hurt someone without the conventional BDSM implements. A plain, bare-bottom, bare-hand spanking is as effective as any other implement.

The second myth to break is that toys are not available in India. The fact is that yes, the fancy-looking, over-priced, over-rated toys and implements are not available. That said, there are sexual health and wellness websites which do have toys for sale in India.

However, it is always possible and easy to acquire and use the simple, domestic substitutes for toys. However, before you do that, there are two things that you need to have -

  1. The ability of lateral thinking in which you can imagine multiple uses of a certain object than those that are obvious.
  2. Detailed information on the side effects and the safety protocol of using different objects on human body, For instance jute and nylon ropes create different kinds of impact and may cause differential damage to the person who has been tied. 

 Some substitute toys are as follows:
  1. A lot of regular body massagers can be used as a substitute for vibes.
  2. Table tennis racquets, kitchen spatulas can be easily used as a substitute for paddles.
  3. Ribbons, old neckties and scarves can also be used as easy substitutes for ropes.
  4. Physiotherapy bands are  another great tool for safe and DIY bondage that's even easy to get out of. 
  5. Floggers can be made at home.
  6. Riding crops are easily available.
  7. Processed tree branches are an easy substitute to canes.
And this - is just the beginning of ideas.  For this post, I will leave you at this. Do write back with some kinky ideas of your own.

Much Love,
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