Tuesday 8 November 2016

BDSM - The Later Part of My Journey

Things have changed a lot over last few years, specially since the time when I wrote the last two posts. I've reposted them here only to share perspective on past.

I have come out of my closet over last few years. I have experimented with my desires, no longer just mentally and emotionally. The mental and the emotional are still a very big part of the lifestyle for me. In that sense, I am truly sapiosexual and demisexual.

However, I'm no longer as naive as I once was. I have experimented with pain, with pleasure, with restraint, with discpline and with various roles like a sub, save, switch and even a Dominant on an occasion or two.Oh and yes, I have found some amazing people that I connect with. I have discovered I am polyamorous now. I have discovered that there really are intelligent, wise, compassionate people out there!

I realised I'm still a submissive. I'm incorrigible that way :) I also realized I am the same old mild masochist. I still detest brain washing and mind games. I  still love people, get accepted or denied, get hurt or end up hurting people emotionally or mentally. However, I am also capable of handling the aftermath and the collateral damage better.

I have come out of my closet not just to the world that's not immediate but also family and folks. Of course this doesn't include the sister-in-law of my second cousin or a random business acquaintance. But anyone who really matters; knows who I am.

Here's more for you to read if you want to discover what does it feel like, when I am out of the closet finally :)

Watch out for this space on more about me :)

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