Sunday 2 October 2016

Popping Cherries and Eden's Apples

As sex deprived as we maybe, let’s accept it for a fact that 50 shades of grey has become increasingly popular. However, before I really talk of 50 shades of gray and kinky fuckery, I want to do a reality check. Are we even aware of what the V-card really means? Or what does losing it mean for that matter?

What is virginity?

  • It’s the cover of my wee – wee? Well, no, that’s your foreskin, not your virginity.
  • It’s the tiny little button in my girl parts? Nope again, That's your clit, darling!
  • Is it the piece of tissue called the hymen inside my vagina? Well done Sherlock ! But hey, wait. That's hymen, not virginity!

Well, you’re partially right – Virginity in girls is the state of having that tissue intact. But what if the tissue is broken for various other reasons; or in rare cases when a girl was born about it?

And then... boys are also supposed to be virgins too. No? I mean they don’t have girl parts and they don’t have a hymen either. Then what makes them virgin?

Well well well! Then let’s check what do experts say, shall we?

Most experts agree that virginity is not a particular tissue in your body, but the state of your sexual exploration. Effectively, what they’re saying is that virginity is about whether or not have you had a sexual experience. Now sexual experience is not limited to the P in the V,  but it also includes other forms of sexual experiences. The discussion can actually be enough material for a separate post if you want.

Personally I think virginity is over rated; unless being a virgin or for that matter, not being one, affects you negatively. I mean honestly, how many of us are bothered about the issue of the tissue really?

Still, virginity is usually determined by the hymen being intact or broken in women and there’s no certainty that this test will be accurate. A lot of women lose their hymen post menstruation because of sports or physical activity. They don’t even notice it.

I mean who’s got the time to keep exploring and focusing on one single cave, when we have the entire Ajanta and Ellora to explore? With men, it’s even funnier. The only way to identify whether a guy is a virgin or not is to ask him. How funny :)

I personally feel the entire V-card hype is all about the moral and the religious conditioning we’re brought up with. Like John Oldman says in the movie The Man from Earth –

"And that's what I taught, but a talking snake made a lady eat an apple, so we're screwed."

I would say screw or not, pop cherries, eat apples, do whatever you want to do. Just make wise and informed choices and enjoy!

Watch out for the next post !

Till later :)

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