Monday 5 December 2022

His... 3 (A long work of Erotica)

 Disclaimer and Trigger Warnings

  1. Any resemblance with any person living or dead is coincidental. All characters are 18+.
  2. Any choice of names is random, and not indicative on any caste, religion etc. The setting is in India, so readers need to NOT PROJECT THEIR BIASES on my work.
  3. I write for my pleasure. At my pace. I'm mindful of trigger warnings where they matter, but I don't overapologize. I am aware of FL limits, legal limits, boundaries in general.
  4. A lot of my fictional work is dark and deals with themes of depression, violence, rough sex, non-consent self-harm, suicide etc. So, if any of these themes are potentially triggering for you, I request you to please not read thhe work and focus on self-care.
  5. Apart from that, I take time to build my stories. The way I want. So, if this is too harsh, too mild, too little, too much, whine elsewhere. If this is too much sex, too little sex, too realistic, too unrealistic, too much plot, too much dialogue, take your judgement / opinion and put it where it belongs. Unless you're my writing mentor. Because - YKINMK.


Anurag was dreaming incoherently as Krishnan and Mins entered his room. "I'm... sorry Pram. Forgive me...K and I should have taken more care.... Sorry"

Mins was livid as she heard the name Pram. Krishnan on the other hand sighed. He was more clued in, on Pramila singh, and Anurag's dream after all.

Pramila had been bad news from the word go. Entitled, reckless, irresponsible, going around pricking people with the same needle and calling it fun. Yet most people seemed to be falling head over heals for her.

When Pramila and Anurag started dating, Krishnan decided to be Anurag's self-appointed wingman. He kept a polite and watchful eye on the woman. Anurag and Pramila went to bars, parties, munches, play parties. The more Anurag indulged her, the more extreme her kinks got.

Krishnan's cock twitched involuntarily as he remembered the single time when Anurag and Pramila invited him into their bed. Krishnan knew he had not been coerced, or manipulated. He had consented to experience with his best friend and his snooty entitled girl-friend something exquisite.

Anurag was more of a lover-Dom. Krishnan on the other hand could be a sadist when playing. Pramila wanted to taste that. Krishnan would teach her well. He would ensure he put her in her place. That night? He did put her in her place.

He made her bend to his while and his crop, her body he bent, her mind he dominated. The hot Pramila, the wild Pramila, the overconfident Pramila who thought her body was her biggest currency, the mouth Pramila.

Eventually turned into a whimpering slut, begging to be touched, to be allowed release, to be allowed to yield. That night Krishnan and Anurag sat and talked. Pramila was left tied, horny, dripping, and wanting.

The next morning, she was a different person.

But then, the accident happened. The fateful night, that turned their whole world upside down. Anurag's parents. The car crash. Mins. Anurag transformed into a person no one would have ever imagined him to be.

Over the next few months, Anurag was centered around Mins.

Pramila mentioned, complained, even whined. She couldn't prioritize. Obviously. They were wrong to think that a single session could have changed a person. Play isn't therapy. And entitled princesses aren't exactly givers. Guess you can bring out a bitch in heat, but you can't take the bitch out of someone.

No one could have imagined what happened next. Till it happened. On that fateful night. That night when Mins had made the first attempt on her life. While Anurag and Krishnan were rushing the child to the hospital Pramila was planning an attention seeking stunt of her own.

She texted, called Anurag some 15 times that night. He silenced his phone.

The next morning, doctors in the hospital told them that Mins had survived. On the other hand, they discovered that Pramila had died. Inside sources said it was a self-bondage experiment that had gone horridly wrong.

The Singh family were powerful. They blamed Anurag for not responding to their daughter's distress calls. Anurag's alibi however was more than perfect. Genuine too.

Anurag never stopped blaming himself.

Mins however, blamed Pram for making her brother sad, when she discovered what had happened. She had been simply told Pramila didi died the night Mins could have. She was angry at Pram. She had never liked Pram in the first place.

Krishnan thought differently. He knew suicide wasn't so easy to fathom. He also knew that Pramila's mishap was NOT an attempt on her life. It was an accident. One that could have been avoided. But an accident nonetheless.

As Mins and Krishnan sat quietly holding Anurag's hand, Krishnan couldn't help but think of all of this. Suddenly the monitors started beeping erratically. Anurag pressed the call button and dialed a quick dial on his phone. Suddenly a flurry of nurses and doctors started moving in and out.

Mins were gently but firmly moved out of their way. Her heart leaped in her mouth. She could feel it in her gut. It was like this sinking feeling again. The kind she had with mum and dad more than 10 years ago.

Suddenly the monitor went blank with a long beep. There was pin-drop silence in the room!

©Asmi Uniqus Dec 2022

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