Monday 5 December 2022

His... 4 (A long work of Erotica)

 Disclaimer and Trigger Warnings

    Any resemblance with any person living or dead is coincidental. All characters are 18+.
    Any choice of names is random, and not indicative on any caste, religion etc. The setting is in India, so readers need to NOT PROJECT THEIR BIASES on my work.
    I write for my pleasure. At my pace. I'm mindful of trigger warnings where they matter, but I don't overapologize. I am aware of FL limits, legal limits, boundaries in general.
    A lot of my fictional work is dark and deals with themes of depression, violence, rough sex, non-consent self-harm, suicide etc. So, if any of these themes are potentially triggering for you, I request you to please not read thhe work and focus on self-care.
    Apart from that, I take time to build my stories. The way I want. So, if this is too harsh, too mild, too little, too much, whine elsewhere. If this is too much sex, too little sex, too realistic, too unrealistic, too much plot, too much dialogue, take your judgement / opinion and put it where it belongs. Unless you're my writing mentor. Because - YKINMK.


Krishnan was sitting in his room holding his head in his hands. That niggling feeling he had? There was more to it. However, he didn't know how to define it. He didn't know enough to connect dots. He knew that Pramila's parents, specially his mother blamed Anurag for Pramila's death. They even blamed Anurag's parents for not pushing him to marry Pramila.

Anurag was rich, successful, a talented surgeon in making, second in line to be the heir of an empire of hospitals, creative, handsome, charming. He was a poster boy for an eligible bachelor.

Pramila on the other hand? She was hot, sexy, confident, and beautiful. Her priorities were misplaced though. She thought she could make her way in the world by marrying a hotshot. Anurag was nothing to her but just another sex toy and her pass to a rich, lavish lifestyle. True, she was a doctor like the rest of them, but she was neither interested in studying or growing further, nor in business. She just wanted to finish the degree and be a socialite wife.

It was all good as long as Anurag and Pramila remained exclusive. But, things started changing once they opened their relationship. Early on in their relationship, Pramila had wanted to include other people. Anurag was reluctant, but after their first menage-a-trois with another girl, he had let loose. In fact, it had been Anurag to suggest that Krishnan be the guy they experiment with. He trusted Krishnan. He felt secure around him.

But they didn't know Krishnan. No one really knew Krishnan. Or understood him.

Krishnan had been raised by his uncle in Europe after Krishnan's abusive father finally left his mother, and she committed suicide. His uncle legally adopted him. His uncle, who was gay, who practiced BDSM, who had more than one lover; and yet was the best parent Krishnan could have had. He hid nothing. He avoided nothing. He answered all of Krishnan's questions. Even sponsored his higher education.

It was only recently that Krishnan stopped taking money from his uncle. Krishnan sometimes wondered. Where was all his dominance, empathy, and affection rooted? Was it in his father's abusiveness? His mother's sense of defeat? Or in his uncle's unconditional love mixed with the in-the-face upbringing that he provided for Krishnan.

Krishnan's cock twitched again. That night, with Anurag and Pramila. Anurag was silent while Krishnan ordered Pramila to strip.

"Kneel !", he had barked. She couldn't resist.
"Crawl !", he pointed to the floor in between Anurag and him. She obeyed.
"Touch yourself !", Anurag sat there gapingly.

Pramila had writhed that night. She had been ordered to suck Anurag. She had been beaten with a crop numerous times. Whenever she tried to behave like the sexy vixen she was, she had been made to give up the facade. She had been made vulnerable, to reveal her inner submissive, beneath the brat that she projected herself to be.

That night Pramila didn't get to orgasm. Krishnan had guided Anurag in pleasing her, not with the same dominance that he showed towards Pramila. Anurag was his friend, his friend. Pramila, was just a brat that Krishnan was hoping to tame for his brother.

Krishnan stroked himself, even though he felt guilty for being aroused thinking of a girl who was now dead, and her boyfriend, his best friend, whose body had just been cremated. But Krishnan didn't judge himself. He knew that physical release was one of the ways he could clear his mind. He knew that such desperate moments of loneliness could make one more needy for sex. And that it was OK!

Krishnan came, as he remembered how Pramila had sucked Anurag that night. She had taken him deeper than ever before. Anurag said this. She had agreed. She had consented to taste a different kind of lovemaking that night. Everything that Pramila did was consensual. And Krishnan? He had acted like a saintly dungeon master. Plus he wasn't interested in brats himself. Additionally, Pramila and Anurag wanted him, just to teach them what he knew. Not for him to be their third wheel. He didn't want that either.

He wanted.... Something else. Someone else. He wanted, rather needed surrender, complete submission. Someone who would look up to him, cherish him, and not just because. Someone who tested his resolve, his will, and loved him as fiercely as he would love her.

Krishnan knew who he wanted. He wanted... Mins. Since the day the girl had turned 18, she had been hitting on him. He had resolved to do or say nothing till she finished her Masters. But now, with Anurag dead... He needed her. He needed to protect her.

Krishnan wiped his hand on a tissue nearby and zipped his fly. He got up, turned on the tap, soaping his long, slender, skilled surgeon's fingers, and then letting his hands soak for a bit under the warm tap water.

"Knock knock!" Someone was at the door.

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