Thursday 8 December 2022

His...6 (A long work of Erotica)

 Disclaimer and Trigger Warnings

    Any resemblance with any person living or dead is coincidental. All characters are 18+.
    Any choice of names is random, and not indicative on any caste, religion etc. The setting is in India, so readers need to NOT PROJECT THEIR BIASES on my work.
    I write for my pleasure. At my pace. I'm mindful of trigger warnings where they matter, but I don't overapologize. I am aware of FL limits, legal limits, boundaries in general.
    A lot of my fictional work is dark and deals with themes of depression, violence, rough sex, non-consent self-harm, suicide etc. So, if any of these themes are potentially triggering for you, I request you to please not read thhe work and focus on self-care.
    Apart from that, I take time to build my stories. The way I want. So, if this is too harsh, too mild, too little, too much, whine elsewhere. If this is too much sex, too little sex, too realistic, too unrealistic, too much plot, too much dialogue, take your judgement / opinion and put it where it belongs. Unless you're my writing mentor. Because - YKINMK.


"These are not for anyone else's eye. She is an adult and none of you can stop her from having what Anurag specifically left for her. Plus it doesn't have any business-sensitive information. Nor does it have anything that Mini can be blackmailed for. It poses absolutely no risk for Mini's physical, legal, or financial safety. I have made sure of that." The object in question was a box of journals.

Advocate Bajaj was executing Anurag's will. Most of his assets had gone back to the family business, and family trust. Some amount had been set aside for his two sisters. His journals and his documents had been scruitinized by Bajaj, both as a family lawyer, as well as the brother-in-law. Additionally, as their family and business counselor, he had already shown them to Dr. Mathur.

It was Dr. Mathur's wife who suspected that the journals may have information related to Anurag's sexual escapades, his relationships, Pramila even. She feared it would corrupt Mins.

Mins sat quiet, her hands in her lap. Clench. Unclench. Clench. Unclench.

Krishnan's keen eye could observe her being on edge. Krishnan had a place on the table. He was considered family by EVERYONE, in EVERY WAY, except that they couldn't have adopted an adult legally. Or they would have.

Krishnan gently patted Mini's knee, almost rhythmically, as one would pat a child to a lull. It seemed to be working too.

"Mini, do you wish to open these journals? You don't have to. This can wait. Do you think it would affect your emotions? What do you feel like doing?" asked Dr. Mathur. He had his blindspots, but he believed in agency.

"Bhaiya, I am 22. I am from a family of doctors. I have seen enough blood and Gore. I know exactly what humans do, even if I may not understand all their motives."

"Bhabhi, ab mujhe koi kya hi bigadega? What has the power to destroy your upbringing and spoil me or impact me negatively after all these years Bhabhi?", she turned towards her sister-in-law. The matron looked at the young girl thoughtfully, and finally nodded. Her shoulders sank in surrender and she nodded to Bajaj.

Back in her room, Mini looked at the journals. They were all dated. 12 years. Since that fateful day, till the day before Anurag and she had landed in the hospital. There was also an envelop. Embossed. Formal. It was a part of Anurag's official stationary.

Mini knew Bajaj had definitely gone through each word in those notebooks, and in that letter. And that Bhaiya had surely seen it. But Krishnan? Mini needed him.

She sighed, put the letter in her drawer and walked towards Krishnan's room.

"Knock. Knock Knock." This was Mini's specific knock.

Krishnan startled from his reverie, groaned at his half-erect cock, and spoke out, "Give me a minute!".

Quickly, he pulled on a pair of Pajamas, tied the drawstrings, pulled his tee lower, and opened the door.

"I need you. Please!" Mini, looked at his biceps. When he wore formals, they weren't that obvious. Right now? He looked ravishing to her.

Krishnan looked at her quizzically, an eyebrow arched.

"I need you to be with me when I read. I don't think I can do it alone". There. The tears again. Not brimming, but welling up for sure.

She was still grieving. It had just been a month.

He just nodded, turned around, picked his phone, closed his room and walked with her to hers.

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