Monday 5 December 2022

His...1 (A long work of Erotica)

 Disclaimer and Trigger Warnings

  1. Any resemblance with any person living or dead is coincidental. All characters are 18+.
  2. Any choice of names is random, and not indicative on any caste, religion etc. The setting is in India, so readers need to NOT PROJECT THEIR BIASES on my work.
  3. I write for my pleasure. At my pace. I'm mindful of trigger warnings where they matter, but I don't overapologize. I am aware of FL limits, legal limits, boundaries in general.
  4. A lot of my fictional work is dark and deals with themes of depression, violence, rough sex, non-consent self-harm, suicide etc. So, if any of these themes are potentially triggering for you, I request you to please not read thhe work and focus on self-care.
  5. Apart from that, I take time to build my stories. The way I want. So, if this is too harsh, too mild, too little, too much, whine elsewhere. If this is too much sex, too little sex, too realistic, too unrealistic, too much plot, too much dialogue, take your judgement / opinion and put it where it belongs. Unless you're my writing mentor. Because - YKINMK.


There was pain. A lot of pain! Searing pain!

She couldn't move her left hand. She moved her neck, but was unable to see what was stopping her from moving it. There was nothing. Perhaps she broke her bones. Maybe she was dying. There was another flash of hot, searing pain, and she and out.. lots of voices, sounds, an ambulance perhaps somewhere. She saw a glimpse of a white lab coat. "A doctor", she thought. A wave of relief hit her, and she passed out.

She woke up and found herself in a hospital. Machines, monitors, IV tubes. It looked foreign. She didn't know hospitals like that existed in India. A kind, friendly face came into her sight, the brown eyes peering into hers. She blinked. She seemed to know this man, but couldn't recognize him. She blinked again.

He smiled. Kindly, gently.

Even in the hospital, she blushed, just a bit. Her brother's batchmate.

Her brother!

She panicked. Where was her brother? Where was Anurag???

Dr. Krishnan put his hand on her shoulder gently.

"Anurag is alive. He's critical, but he survives. I need to ensure that you're fine before I let you see him. Will you let me do that?"

She nodded.

"Any aches? Any pains? Except your left elbow that is?", he asked as he poked and prodded her around her right shoulder, arm, her shoulder, her back, her ribs. His hand brushing her right breast accidentally.

She blushed but shook her head. Her left elbow was in a caste.

"Your joint broke into 6 pieces Mins", he addressed her with her pet name. "There was bone loss. We've operated it, fixed it, it will look normal, but it will never be back to 100% efficiency." Dr. Krishnan gave it as it was. Anurag and Krishnan were both like that. Doctors, friends, brothers, and straight shooters. They said things as they were. Kindly, yet honestly. Always.

"Is he stable?" her voice choked.

He looked at her keenly as he put his hand out. "Hold my hand and slowly try to get off the bed and stand up", he focused on the task at hand. She sulked but obeyed. She knew better than to argue or snap. She knew from experience, it never worked on the man. She had known him for almost a decade now.

"Anything? At all?" He looked at her, concerned. She shook her head. Apart from the pain in the elbow, she felt absolutely alright. Even the anaesthesia had worn off completely.

"I am fine. Please. Now tell me. Is he stable? Where is he? I need to see him please!" Her voice choked again, her anxiety finally getting the better of her, eyes welled up.

©Asmi Uniqus Dec 2022

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