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His... 5 (A long work of Erotica)

 Disclaimer and Trigger Warnings

  1. Any resemblance with any person living or dead is coincidental. All characters are 18+.
  2. Any choice of names is random, and not indicative on any caste, religion etc. The setting is in India, so readers need to NOT PROJECT THEIR BIASES on my work.
  3. I write for my pleasure. At my pace. I'm mindful of trigger warnings where they matter, but I don't overapologize. I am aware of FL limits, legal limits, boundaries in general.
  4. A lot of my fictional work is dark and deals with themes of depression, violence, rough sex, non-consent self-harm, suicide etc. So, if any of these themes are potentially triggering for you, I request you to please not read thhe work and focus on self-care.
  5. Apart from that, I take time to build my stories. The way I want. So, if this is too harsh, too mild, too little, too much, whine elsewhere. If this is too much sex, too little sex, too realistic, too unrealistic, too much plot, too much dialogue, take your judgement / opinion and put it where it belongs. Unless you're my writing mentor. Because - YKINMK.


"Krishnan Bhaiya, Mini baby fainted again", Rani didi, the maid stood at the door, all worked up, tears almost welling up in her eyes. Rani Didi had been Mini's babysitter since the latter had been a young toddler.

Rani was barely 15 when Mins was born. Today when Mins was young, beautiful, 22. Rani didi was not more than 38 either. She cared for Mins. She had always been there for the Mathurs and Anurag to help them with Mins since that fateful day 10 years ago.

Krishnan sighed, collected his stethoscope, pointed towards the equipment kit, and simply walked towards the room across the hall. Rani did would get the BP machine, the thermometer, the oximeter, and the sugar measuring machines. This home had doctors for generations. This home was a half-equipped nursing home in itself.

Mins had been fainting since Anurag's funeral. Her scans were normal. Her blood work was normal. Her vitals were fine. Yet, she kept fainting. Krishnan had restricted her movement on stairs, or outside the home for the time being. With Anurag gone, Dr. Mathur was nose-deep in dealing with his own grief, inthe only way he knew how to. He had thrown himself into work and into sorting Anurag's affairs with their family lawyer.

Adv. Bajaj was not only the Mathurs' family lawyer. He was also their son-in-law. Abhishek was a Harvard-qualified lawyer who had done his chartered accountancy before studying law, and eventually management. The Mathurs trusted him. Their daughter loved him. There was no reason for Abhishek and his wife to not look out for the Mathurs' interests.

Ties in this family WERE strange for a family where such wealth, power, and skill were concentrated. They were really loving people. They were bonded together with love. Of course, they weren't perfect. They each had their blindspots, but they were good people. They had been raised well. They were ethical. Only that some of them were VERY VERY dead now.

Thoughts reeled in Krishnan's head as he entered Mins' room, and nodded to Rani Didi. They measured all the vitals again. Everything was OK.

"Rani didi, iske pairon ki maalish karo, aur thodi thodi haathon ki bhi. Sab normal hai, weakness hogi. Isne kuchh khaya hai?", Krishnan inquired if she had eaten anything as he instructed Rani to massage Mins' hands and feet.

"No Bhaiya, she hasn't eaten much except toast and coffee at the breakfast".

Krishnan groaned inwardly. He just didn't want to unleash his anger at this brat. Not yet.

He took the oil bottle from Rani's hand and spread some on his hand. "Please get a glass of fresh nariyal pani", he told her. As Rani left for the kitchen, Krishnan was already applying oil to Mins' feet. Gently rubbing her soles, Krishnan pulled her toes a bit, kneading her soles to ensure all pressure points were treated just right.

If Krishnan had his way, he would prescribe massages twice a week for Mins. Perhaps give her one himself every week. "Focus!", he chided himself mentally and shook his head. He worked his way through her soles to her ankles. He went and soaped his hands in the princess washroom, dried them, and now decided to work her palms.

Rani didi was already there and had set the glass of fresh coconut water on the side table. She stood there silently, watching him, as he gently spread a few drops of the almond oil on his palms, and lifted Mins' right palm.

Did her fingers twitch around his? He wondered. Again. He felt her fingertips press against his as he applied oil to her palms.

"Rani didi, either sit or continue with your chores, as you wish please", Krishnan instructed Rani. She smiled and left for the kitchen again. "Please leave the door open", he called after Rani. That she did. She liked Krishnan Bhaiya. He was always a gentleman.

Mins moaned softly as Krishnan continued to gently massage her palms. She slowly opened her eyes. Deep, sad, unfathomable grief. Her eyes were expressive. Honest. They were incapable of lying. How the room used to light up when she smiled :)

Krishnan knew the impact Mini's smile had on his friend's mood. Anurag loved his sister unconditionally. Her smiles seemed to justify his existence. All the rest of him, the charming, the dashing, the handsome, the successful, the skilled Anurag; they all came after the brother came. The brother came first. And Mins? Her smile? It came before him.

Oh, and Krishnan wasn't naive. He did realize that he was as smitten with her smile, as Anurag had been. Just not as a brother. And the little vixen wasn't all that naive either. She knew the effect she could have on him.

In general, she was a gentle, submissive, adorable, brat. This little vulnerable china doll. She was mischievous, she was playful, flirty even, but she wasn't manipulative. She wasn't a cocktease. She was just smitten. Smitten with him.

So, when Mins' fingers gripped Krishnan's, he held her. Gently. Holding her against him, he moved a bit, adjusting himself. Gently rocking her, as one would rock a child. Soaking in their common grief. They grieved in silence together.

The reverie was broken when Krishnan brought the nariyal pani to her lips. Her eyes welled up again. She tried to sip a bit and then shook her head.

"Drink!" Krishnan's voice turned hard. "You need to recover. And you will do that either willingly, or I will ensure that you do that. Choose!", He sounded angry.

Mins cringed. She hated to make Anurag da or Krishnan angry. She could never think of Krishnan as 'bhaiya'. She had always been attracted to Krishnan.

"What?", Krishnan was frustrated.

Mins cringed and pulled back, avoiding his gaze. Why did it turn her on so much? This fear of his being upset?

Krishnan sighed. He didn't enjoy scaring people. Especially people he cared for. Krishnan was tall. He worked out. So, even at his leanest, he could look like this huge giant. Moreso, from where Mins was.

At 4.10 Mins was tiny. She was curvy, but she was a child. He didn't like to scare her. But he needed her to regroup. They would be executing Anurag's will soon and Mins needed to gather herself. With Dr. Mathur MIA on this front, Krishnan was left to deal with this petite brat. And God! It was tough! His raging hardons were not the most cooperative.

"Sorry Sir". That's what Mins had always called him. Sir. It frustrated him. It made him feel responsible. It aroused him. And, there was nothing he could do about it.

She drank up the whole glass of coconut water, eyes still brimming with tears.

"Good girl", he took the glass from her and petted her shoulder with his left hand. Her arm was around her, holding her gently. Like a giant would hold a fragile princess. His gaze and his voice softened. His cock? Well, it had a mind of its own. Thank God for Indian ethnic wear.

"Now sleep for a bit. You need to rest and recover."

He gently helped her lie down. On the side that avoided strain on her broken elbow.

Mins groaned inwardly, "Why does his stern voice turn me on so much?". This was her last thought as she drifted to sleep.

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